What are the Different Types of Carpet?

Soft, stylish, and always versatile, carpeting is one of the most beloved floor types. At Moose Jaw Carpet One Floor & Home we, too, love carpeting for its sheer variety, and with that in mind, we carry a comprehensive collection spanning all types of carpeting. After all, when it comes down to it, truly the “best” carpet is the one that meets your design vision, while tackling all your performance needs.

Understanding how the different types of carpet fibres can be used to create different looks, while tackling various functional needs is an important part of the selection process. Here’s a quick overview of the different types of carpeting available. 

Level loop

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Textured Carpets

For those areas where you’re constantly on the go, textured carpeting is always a smart decision. Woven from tight-curled fibres that are carefully trimmed, textured carpeting can conceal dust and debris, as well as foot prints. These carpets can also reduce light reflection. 

Frieze Carpets 

Commonly referred to as “shag,” frieze carpet is woven from long, shaggy fibres that have a trendy, somewhat unruly appearance. Soft and casual, frieze carpets work nicely in dens and kids’ playrooms. These rugs are quite comfortable, while concealing many ills. 

Level Loop Carpets 

Made with looped, uncut fibres, level loop carpeting is exceptionally sturdy and boasts rich shading. The end result is a resilient rug that can conceal many flaws: making it a smart option for commercial environments that are heavily tread. 

Pattern Carpets 

Patterned carpeting is achieved by weaving fibres in alternating high and low loops, to create a subtle pattern. These types of rugs are quite durable, and can add beautiful texture and depth to your space. For areas where frequent vacuuming is a must, patterned carpets can help hide your tracks. 

Plush Carpets 

The softest carpeting available, plush looks and feels like velvet fabric. Its deep pile creates a luxurious, high-end appearance. Plush carpeting is certainly stunning, but it is best reserved for quiet, formal spaces since it isn’t always forgiving of footsteps, stains, or an intense bout of vacuuming. 

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