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Pet Friendly Flooring in Moose Jaw, SK

For many people, pets are an important part of their daily lives as a friend and companion. Unfortunately, when pets come inside they can shed hair or track mud and claws can cause damage if you haven't considered available flooring options which are especially suitable for the wear and tear your pet may cause.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tile is generally thought of for kitchen and bathroom floors because of their durability and water proof features. Vinyl tile solutions are especially suitable for rooms where pets will be for the same reasons. They're easy to sweep and clean whether a pet sheds, comes inside while especially dirty, or has an accident. A further consideration is vinyl tiles are relatively simple to replace individually should one become damaged.

Painted Concrete

Painted concrete can look great and be an exceptionally durable floor, especially in a back or storage room and in the basement. Painted concrete is easy to clean. The concrete is nearly impervious to damage and the paint is simple to touch up, replace, or change color should it lose its appeal over time.


Modern bamboo floors are appropriate throughout the home and essentially look and feel the same as hardwood floors. However, bamboo is more eco-friendly as the plants grow so quickly and is stronger than traditional woods used for flooring. Cleaning is simple with a broom and mop as pet hair or dirt can't penetrate into it. Bamboo flooring is the solution for a great aesthetic appeal while being pet friendly.

There are flooring options available which are suitable for pet owners. Consider the challenges your pets brings to keeping your floors clean and looking great. A solution is available to meet your budget and design style, check with a design consultant to determine what will best suit the needs of you and your pet.