Carpet Installation in Moose Jaw, SK

Healthier home, healthier living.

Carpet flooring is a versatile, soft, warm and colorful option for your home. But there is a relevant, often overlooked aspect that may be more important than the surface look or feel. That aspect is the installation, and it is often assumed to be the same no matter who does it or how they do it. In actuality, the way you choose how to install carpet does make a difference, and at Carpet One Floor & Home in Moose Jaw, SK, it’s one of our biggest differences from other flooring stores. Here at Moose Jaw Carpet One, we offer an exclusive and special carpet installation system called the Healthier Living Installation.

Wondering what the Healthier Living Installation even is? It all comes back to making your home the best place it can be.

The Major Features of HLI:

1. The surface is prepped. To prep, we use a strong HEPA vacuum after removing the old flooring. This vacuum service prepares the subfloor. It also filters out 99% of unwanted particles such as dust, soil and other bacteria that many other vacuums can leave behind.

2. The floor is treated. We use an antimicrobial treatment called HealthinEx, which inhibits odor-causing bacteria from growing. This treatment is of great value if you have an allergy-prone family, because all of these sensitive particles will be eliminated.

3. We install the carpet. Before rolling out the carpet, we put down a hypoallergenic cushion, and it takes our treatment one step further. The cushion also does its part to prevent mildew, mold and bacteria from growing or causing odors. This cushion also helps to block against spills and stains, which helps to keep your carpet fresh and clean for years to come!

Want to learn more about our HLI flooring installation? Give us a call or come in to our showroom today. Carpet One Floor & Home in Moose Jaw, SK is proud to serve customers throughout Mortlach, Caronport, and Bushell Park.