Tips on How to Clean Carpet

Clean up your stains easily with help from Carpet One Floor & Home!

Carpet is the most popular choice for residential flooring, and we’re not surprised. Carpet is such a broad category that it’s hard not to find the color, texture or style you’re looking for. Carpet is soft, comforting and is a great option for families with small children. Carpet is a cushioned space for the kids to play and even take a few tumbles in a safer way.

However, carpet does not rank as the easiest flooring to clean. While there are new products coming out all the time with seals and coatings that protect against soil, stains, moisture and mess, caring for your carpet is an important aspect of living with carpet in your home. Carpet is meant to last a long time, so showing it a little love will ensure that your floors will love you back! While a carpet stain removal regimen will call for the occasional professional deep cleaning service, most of the cleaning methods are things you can do, even using home remedies!

There are two major categories of things that can soil your carpet. We break them up like this: wet and dry.

If a liquid like soda, juice, pet urine or other spills on your carpet, you must attend to the spill immediately. While stain-resistant carpets will help slow the process of the stain, they are not stain-proof. Stay on top of your stains and how to clean them by referring to our list of the most common stain-causers and how to clean them up here.

Dry soil usually means dust, soil or other allergens that get brought into your home and then get trapped in your carpet’s fibers. While carpets with hypoallergenic backing and soil-resistance are a great place to start, frequent vacuuming will always be the best method to loosen soil and remove it. Doing this will help prevent the soil from getting worked into the pile and ruining the fibers. A regular vacuum schedule can remove 80% of soil in a carpet, so don’t skip over those high traffic areas! We recommend a vacuum with a rotating brush, but make sure to consult your carpet warranty for recommended cleaners.

If you have further questions about how to clean carpet or are interested in seeing some our soil-resistant, stain-resistant and moisture-proof carpets, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Carpet One in Moose Jaw, SK is proud to serve customers throughout Bushell Park, Caronport and Mortlach.