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Removing shoes upon entry into a home does not prevent allergens from getting in. Microscopic particles enter homes on clothing, hair, handbags and on backpacks. Pet dander, dust particles, pollution particles, pollens and microscopic mold spores settle onto flooring and stay there. Trending now is flooring appropriate for allergy sufferers. Some say carpet is the worst flooring for asthma and allergy sufferers, while others say hardwood flooring is the best. Let’s examine each.


Gone are the days of thick, luxurious and soft cotton and wool carpeting. Today the most prevalent fibers for carpeting are nylon and polyester. These are not organic, nor do they hold moisture. Hence, allergens have no food for growth, so to speak. Also trending are padding, finishings, and glues containing little to no volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Control allergens by keeping carpet as clean as possible using steam cleaning and vacuuming with a HEPA filter-equipped vacuum. You might not get all the allergens, but what you do get is better than nothing.

Also helpful for allergy sufferers is having the distributor air out new carpeting before installation. Check on the textile for a greenhouse with the letters CRI for Carpet and Rug Institute. They certify textiles for low VOC emissions. Felt padding contains no dangerous chemicals like foam padding does. Additionally, make sure the carpet is glued down with non-solvent low emitting materials.


The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recommends hardwood flooring for allergy and asthma sufferers. Cleanup of dust and allergens requires only a mop and clear water. Should the flooring contain gaps in which allergens, dirt and dust can hide, replacement or sealing should be accomplished. The problem with hardwood flooring is the chemicals used to treat infestations and mold. These chemicals, in addition to the chemicals used to secure the flooring, cause asthma and allergy sufferers almost more trouble than its fuzzier counterpart.

An important note is that hard floors need twice the cleaning carpet does. You don’t want the dust to sit atop the floor being breathed. Additionally, make sure the hard flooring is floating instead of glued. This eliminates irritation from VOCs in the adhesive. Also check the flooring for sealers and treatments that could produce off-gassing for a time. This will also irritate the asthmatic or allergy sufferer.

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